Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dictator Bloomberg Abuses Power Once Again

The Office Of Family Engagement and Advocacy set up by the Dept of Education to address complaints that parents were not being listened to by the mayor when he took control of the school system was used by said mayor to have a petition circulated with the intention of persuading the Legislature to change the layoff formula for teachers. An investigation is being called for by unions representing parent coordinators and unions charging that the Education Dept used public money and civil servants to advance a political cause. Is this mayor really much different then the Middle East rulers we have been hearing so much about lately? Are we going to see a push for a 4th term in office?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

23% of NYC Students Were Prepared for College

State education officials said that only 23% of high school students in NYC were prepared for college or careers in 2009. Good work Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein. You guys really know what you're doing. Isn't it time for the mayor to resign as he staked his administration and reputation on getting control of and improving the school system? Everything I read and hear from my former colleagues is that things are worse then ever!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mayoral Control of the Schools

A Canarsie , Brooklyn school had a principal who until recently ran the school into the ground for 5 long years. So overbudgeted was the school that it lost its guidance counselors, special math and reading programs, and its gifted program. If the mayor would take time off from his teacher bashing maybe he could correct the real problems in the school system. He asked for and received control of the school system and ever since it has deteriorated even further. When is he going to be made to pay for his crimes? Can you imagine principals such as this one being the determining factor as to whether a teacher is fired? That is what Bloomberg is looking for. He clearly in his own system rates an F. He needs to be removed!