Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Stupid Get More Stupid: Bloomberg Does It Again

A dozen new standardized tests? Let's throw away any pretense of educating students. How much more of the day is going to be spent "teaching to the test"? This is insane. And by the way, the purpose of all these new tests-to grade teachers. What an intelligent use of time and money. So, no more science, history, art, music,et al. No time for such mundane subjects. Doesn't anyone see how Bloomberg, Klein, Black and now Polakow-Suransky are brutalizing the NYC school system? Let's be honest. Since Bloomberg received complete control of the school system it has been a disaster. The Times, News, Post-no honest reporting? Instead of this crusade against the teachers and their union how about using their knowledge to make a better system. Who would know better than the people doing the actual work?  Certainly not a business man sitting on his high horse.